Aerospace Turbine Machining

The increase in demand for the new generation Aerospace products has driven a demand in integrated machining capacity at an unprecedented level. However, in order to be successful within the ‘new’ market, the latest technology must be matched with the most cost effective cost base. As it’s the civil aviation sector, the cost base must be pegged to a level to the standard currency of business, the $USD.

The improvement within the turbine section of the new civil aero engines has increased both the application and capacity for 5 axis grinding of complex geometries. To accomplish this, our time served engineers have experience designing production fixtures and gages for the complex turbine airfoil components. Before production grinding and machining begins we perform rigorous first article inspection methods and procedures. Parts are measured with highly accurate CMM’s, optical comparators and dedicated hard guages. After the dimensional accuracy has been accepted, metallurgical examination is conducted per our customer’s specifications. Upon acceptance of the metallurgical evaluation the process parameters are frozen to assure future part integrity and quality.

Our approach to measurement is to have all CMM programmes fully verified to either a base model or a comparator programme, this being in order to ensure that a process is both repeatable and comparable to a secondary source.

OTM positions itself directly in the market to deliver to high volume and progressive rampup programmes, achieved by a preparedness to man up significantly within the function of graduate calibre quality engineers. This can be achieved within Mexico at a cost that allows OTM to deliver to the highest standard and optimum cost that the market has to offer.

Contact us to discuss your turbine component machining application and allow OTM to engineer and present a cost optimised solution for volume component delivery.

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