Employment Strategy

The company seeks to recruit the ‘best and brightest’ Engineering, Quality, Production and Administrative staff. Consequently, the company is being located to assist in both recruitment and retention. This includes a core of seasoned professionals, as well as recent and new graduates.

Our engineers will benefit from being developed within a structured professional scheme that we have in place in order to allow engineers to progress and realize new goals through their professional learning. They will develop ever greater responsibilities both internally and externally with customers.

Working on OTM

We are incorporated in Mexico, as a Mexican enterprise with its corporate head office and main plant in Hermosillo. Local staff are recruited to join the headquarters operation, not a branch of an overseas company. We are not a ‘maquiladora.’ We operate autonomously.

Employees have the security and pride of working directly for the company.  Locally owned and financed by committed private investors with a long-term vision of an independent, world-class company, we provide an ideal mix of stability and personal growth opportunities.
We pay attractive salaries direct to our employees, while still being highly cost-effective in the global marketplace.
We use our own executives, key managers, and internal HR professionals, for recruitment, mentoring and employee development. Critical hiring decisions are not out-sourced.
We are committed to continuous training and personnel development for its Hermosillo-based staff. This will include working with the Derby (UK) Engineering Team, both in the UK and Mexico, as well as extended training courses at the world-class machine-tool builders in UK and Germany who will be supplying the key machining centers.
Employees are encouraged to study independently, to gain additional work skills and professional qualifications, with paid study time and fully reimbursed course fees for employees maintaining good grades.
We seek employees open to new ideas: ready and able to work in a lean, empowered, and flexible environment, accepting both responsibility and accountability

Industrial Turbine

Engineering solutions for your manufacturing needs


Aerospace Turbine

Cost optimised solution for volume component delivery


Plant and Location

Optimum Turbine Manufacture’s production home is in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico



Building and qualifying a world-class certification for all special processes.